Friday, December 21, 2018



With the spring 2019 arrival of
SUPERSTAR soon approaching,
author Christopher Long has been
out meet and greeting readers all
across his home state of Florida
throughout the recent months.
Here are a few fun highlights.

Author / Artist House Party
(Melbourne, FL 12.15.18)

Holiday Book Bash
(Merritt Island, FL 12.9.18)

Author Expo
(Melbourne, FL 10.6.18)

Rock Con
(Palm Bay, FL 9.29.18)

'80s In The Park
(Cocoa Beach, FL 2.18.18)

Stand by official 2019
SUPERSTAR book tour and
personal appearance dates
will be announced SOON!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

MEET-AND-GREETS: Author Christopher Long Revs Up for Release of "Superstar"

Author Christopher Long Revs
Up for Release of "Superstar"

Fall 2018 thus far has proven to be an eventful season for author Christopher Long. As he revs up for the April 2019 release of his long-awaited fiction debut, SUPERSTAR, Long currently is out meeting and greeting book enthusiasts all throughout Florida's Space Coast.

In September, Long appeared with an array of special guest artists at the ROCK CON event during the outdoor '80s In The Park music festival held at Space Coast Harley Davidson in Palm Bay, Florida.

Author Christopher Long appeared with
 with popular comedian and well-known TV
personality, Don Jamieson, at the ROCK CON
meet-and-greet in September 2018.

Christopher Long with ten-year-old guitar wiz,
Dallas Knight, at the recent ROCK CON event.

On October 6th, Long also participated in a lively panel discussion and audience Q&A session with Brent Jensen, Amy Sweezey, Jaimie Engle and Amy Davies at the Sunshine State Author Expo held at Open Mike's Coffee Lounge in Melbourne, Florida.

Christopher Long at the October 2018
Sunshine State Author Expo.

The Sunshine State Author Expo featured
guest panelists (from L to R) Brent Jensen,
Amy Sweezey, Amy Davies, Jaimie Engle
and Christopher Long.

The following week, Long hosted a wildly successful all-day, multi-band charity benefit concert at Siggy's nightclub — also in Palm Bay.

Christopher Long with in-demand Florida
photographer, Crystal Behringer, at the
recent charity benefit concert in Palm Bay.

Christopher Long will wrap up the month of October on Saturday, the 20th, when he will host the 1st Anniversary festivities at Melbourne's Rockstar Automotive.

Stay tuned for further author updates — as Long will be appearing all over the country in the months ahead!

Friday, August 31, 2018

ROCK CON 2018: Meet "Superstar" Author Christopher Long in Palm Bay, FL (9.29-30.18)

Meet "Superstar" Author Christopher Long
in Palm Bay, FL (September 29 and 30, 2018)

First launched back in 2013, '80s In The Park now has become a wildly popular annual concert event for retro rock enthusiasts on Florida's east coast. 

Playing out in 2018 on the sprawling outdoor property of Space Coast Harley Davidson in Palm Bay, the three-day celebration will feature live performances from such arena rock vets as Firehouse and Kix

Stevie Rachelle (L) and Christopher Long (R)
will be among the many special guests appearing
at this year's '80s In The Park ROCK CON event.

One of the festival's longstanding highlights has been the VIP Rock Con event. Offering fans up-close and personal meet-and-greet experiences with many of the festival's performers, this year's Rock Con will feature appearances from legendary TUFF frontman Stevie Rachelle, Nova Rex bassist Kenny Wilkerson and Burning Starr guitar ace Jack Starr, along with Dead Serios founder and best-selling author, Christopher Long.

Rock Con is free to all '80s In The Park fans with their paid festival admission.

Additional Rock Con guests will be announced soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

SUNSHINE STATE AUTHOR EXPO (Melbourne, FL - 10.6.18)

(Melbourne, FL - 10.6.18)

Meet Superstar author,
Christopher Long, at this
upcoming all-ages event.

Hosted by Canadian author and music critic, Brent Jensen (All My Favourite People Are Broken), The Sunshine State Author Expo will take place at Open Mike's Coffee Lounge in Melbourne, FL on Saturday October 6th from 1 - 4pm.

Featuring guest authors, Amy Sweezey (Let's Talk Weather), Jaimie Engle (Dreadlands), Christopher Long (Superstar) and Amy Davies (Be, Leave), the expo will offer a lively panel discussion of various publishing-related topics as well as an audience-driven Q&A session and individual meet-and-greet experiences with each author.

Open to enthusiasts of all ages, this informative and interactive event is FREE to the public and promises a plethora of prize giveaways. An awesome, educational experience for the entire family.

THE SUNSHINE STATE AUTHOR EXPO: Meet the authors. Hear the stories, Get some tips. Score some books.

Monday, August 27, 2018

"SUPERSTAR" - The Story Behind the Story (The "411" from author Christopher Long)

The Story Behind the Story
(The "411" from author Christopher Long)

God puts specific people in our lives for specific purposes. However, the true value of certain relationships often is recognized most clearly in hindsight.

I didn't see it coming — that night in college Bible class during the spring of 2013. Tami had been a classmate of mine for some time. Her two teenage daughters participated in my weekly Youth Ministry group. I'd even gone on a recent missions trip to Nicaragua with her and her husband. Given our established relationship, I wasn't offended that night in class when she offered me a personal critique regarding my writing. "I read your latest book," Tami revealed, as she took a seat next to me at our classroom table. "I enjoyed it," she added. "But you're missing your audience." OUCH!

In short order, Tami began offering me some fascinating publishing insights. Although she seemed to "get" my faith-based perspectives, she commented how most people really didn't care about personal-style Christian non-fiction. "The REAL audience," she stated convincingly, "is in Christian fiction."

I responded immediately with a slew of self-defeating excuses — "I can't." "I couldn't." "I don't know how." "I only write non-fiction."

Calling me out in short order, Tami reached into her huge canvas "mom" bag and retrieved an assortment of related resource materials. She then encouraged me further to take my outrageous show biz stories from the past, mix them up with accounts from my recent ministry experiences, change all the names, and "voila," I'd have a gripping fictional story that would have readers at my future book signings lined up out the door. Challenge accepted.

Of course, the task at hand wouldn't be as simple as Tami may have suggested. However, my writing partner, Bryan Dumas, was "on board" with the project instantly — despite our lack of experience in writing fiction. So, we did our homework — diving into volumes of published work that resided outside of our typical comfort zones.

Our mission seemed simple — to present a bold, yet authentic and potentially life-changing salvation message — one enveloped in an entertaining, realistic story so compelling, it would hook readers at page one, and keep them reeled in through the closing acknowledgments.

Bryan and I both had spent much of our lives experiencing various aspects of the professional entertainment industry. Conversely, we'd also both moved into the ministry field in recent years. Hence, we had a near unlimited pool of personal stories from which to draw — ones that reflected our real life accounts from standing on both sides of the spiritual fence.

Another challenge we faced was combining the tales of both worlds convincingly and effectively. We recognized that with a story this powerful, we risked alienating non-believers while potentially also disrupting the "apple cart" of the Christian publishing status quo. Challenge accepted — again.

A true labor of love, Bryan and I have poured five years into developing our story and crafting our characters. Along the way, we sought the guidance of many well-established literary insiders and talented creative consultants — both believers and non-believers. And now, "it is finished."

In the fast-paced vein of a Showtime ratings champ, Superstar delivers an incredible message of faith and forgiveness triumphing over fame and fortune as chronicled through the meteoric rise, scandalous fall and spiritual redemption of fictional country music sensation, Trent Davis.

Simply put, Superstar will offer readers a gripping, fictional behind-the-scenes glimpse into today's fast-paced world of country music — a story so riveting and authentic, it could have been ripped straight from recent tabloid headlines.

More than a sensational account of sex, drugs, egos, greed and revenge, Superstar also presents a powerful salvation payoff. And Bryan and I will be psyched to finally share our story with the world when Superstar arrives via Moonshine Cove Publishing on April 7, 2019.

Looking back to 2013, I recognize more clearly than ever the value in my relationship with Tami. Regardless of where this project takes us, Bryan and I will be forever grateful to her for offering us what seemed like an impossible challenge.

-Christopher Long

Saturday, August 25, 2018

"SUPERSTAR" - THE BOOK: Official Website Launch

Official Website Launch

Although several months still remain before the physical arrival of Superstar, pre-release promotions already are revving up — including the launch of the book's official website. 

A story that's already got people buzzing, Superstar updates will post here frequently, even beyond the April 7, 2019 release date.