Saturday, March 2, 2019

SUPERSTAR: Author Meet-and-Greet Book Launch Events Announced

Author Meet-and-Greet Book
Launch Events Announced

With the April 7, 2019 release of Superstar
now just a month away, we're excited to
announce Christopher Long's official U.S.
author meet-and-greet book launch events.

(Melbourne, FL / April 20th)

Telling the story of country music sensation,
Trent Davis — his meteoric rise to fame
and scandalous fall from grace, Superstar
plays out primarily in two locales — Central
Florida and Missouri's Ozark Mountains. As
a result, the launch events will take place in
Melbourne, Florida and Springfield, Missouri.

(Springfield, MO / April 25th)

So, consider yourself cordially invited
to the parties! Come on out and meet
Christopher Long and be among the 
first to score autographed copies of
his latest release, Superstar — a book
that's already been called "riveting,"
"powerful" and a "must-read."